Animation designing is the technique of displaying the static images in a successive manner with minimal time gap such that it creates an illusion of motion.

Example of ancient animation is Paleolithic Cave Paintings (depicted multiple sets of legs in superimposed position), khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum at the Beni Hassan (includes sequence of images in temporal succession), Egyptian burial Chamber mural, phenakistoscope disc by Eadweard Muybridge. First animated film was created by animation developers using traditional (hand-drawn) animation in 1908 Fantasmagorie by Emile Cohl.

Various animation techniques in use are:

• Cel-shaded animation
• Stop motion
• Graphical sound
• Full motion video based games

CGI animation technology is the process of generating animated images by using computer graphics. It can be used to generate static as well as dynamic images. The main concept of animation technology is the displaying 12 frames/search and which creates an illusion for eyes and brain. As the images are moving at such a fast rate that the person interprets it as an image in motion that is a dynamic in motion image.

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