Code Signing Certificates

Code signing certificate is basically important for independent developer or programmer because if you are an independent developer or programmer then your code is your reputation. If your release code is hacked, altered or get infected in any way by some hackers, malware or by any other means then customers won’t trust you enough to give you a second chance. So Protect yourself, your customer data and your good name with our code signing security certificate.

When a project is published online then anything can happen to your code . It can be hacked, stolen by another developer, code sign error, SSL connection error or just never get installed because the “Unidentified Publisher” warning scares off your customers.

Advantage of code signing certificate:
1) It secures your software with the same industry-standard encryption used for SSL Certificates or SSL server certificate and making it impossible for others to alter, hack or infect your code.
2) Eliminates security warnings.
3) Validates and secures your code.
4) Include timestamps so users know that your code went through the verification process, even if you allow the certificate to expire.
5) Act as a digital ‘safety seal’ to show customers that your code has not been tampered with in any way.
6) Display your name or your company’s name, instead of “Unidentified Publisher,” during download and installation, so customers know you’re a legitimate developer.
7) Includes free malware scanner
8) Work with several types of files and languages, including .EXE, .CAB, .DLL, .OCX, Java, HTML, ActiveX, even Microsoft® Office Macros and any other file types that support digital signatures.

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