Content Writing

Content writing is all about Original Content. Many people do not know the importance of putting up original content on their websites. When we say original content we mean that search engines have what you call robots and when your website is published before it becomes searchable these robots first scan the content of your website, by content we mean what written there and the pictures published, this is to prevent violation of copy rights of other websites. So let’s say for example a business that is competing with other business develops a website and copies what’s written on their website and publishes it on their own site, this is not a smart thing to do at all, although many websites attempt to do this.

The result of copying content from other sites may land your website in trouble with Google or your website may be banned by Google al together. The second problem is that even if your website is not banned but the content is almost exactly similar to that of other websites Google will not optimize your website which means that your website will not be very popular on Google and will only be visible on the back pages which will get you minimal or no views, completely beating the purpose of why you originally created the website, which is to be visible and to drive people to you or your business through your website.

There are no shortcuts in this field, everyone wants a website that pops up when someone types in the matching keyword criteria into Google or other search engines, it gives a very good impression of your business as a well established and popular one that even Google recognizes as one of the leaders in your chosen field, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into achieving this premium position on the internet and this takes time and effort and there are no shortcuts around it.

When I mention original content not only am I referring to written content but even pictures, animation, videos and or any other thing visible on your website, nothing should be copied from the internet or from others because the Google robots job is to remove duplicate content from the internet so your website will be either removed or filed at the back, both of which you do not want.

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