Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is defined as a single computer within a network which is reserved for completing the needs of other computers on that network. These servers are dedicated to only one client and they do not share with other clients. In web-hosting, dedicated servers are needed for websites that can help in generating considerable traffic to that website. Client companies are in charge of operating and configuring these servers remotely. Some web hosting companies use dedicated server as they consider that by using dedicated server they can save routers, security system, internet connection and network administration cost. Dedicated servers can be rented. In rented dedicated servers, you are provided a stated amount of hard disk, memory and bandwidth.

By using a dedicated server, you are allowed to choose the operating system and the hardware for the server but hosting company will provide maintenance of the server, monitoring of the server, firewall maintenance, disaster recovery, data backup, intrusion detection and many other maintenance services. Dedicated servers are reserved by the network for some specific purpose. For example, one computer is dedicated to internet connection and another is dedicated for firewall maintenance in a network. You are leased a server box when you purchase a dedicated server. This server box is configured according to your needs and preferences. With a dedicated server account, you are provided with dedicated IP address and full access to the server and also full control on software installation and server usage.

Dedicated servers are used for database management, gaming server and traffic intensive websites. They are also very useful for companies which are running very high traffic application or website and also needs versatility and consistent performance. There are three types of dedicated server. These are:-

  1. Managed dedicated server
  2. Unmanaged dedicated server
  3. Semi-managed dedicated server

Advantages of a dedicated server are as follows:

  • Dedicated servers provide more flexibility than the common virtual server.
  • The dedicated server is hosted by only one particular client. As there is a particular client for controlling dedicated server so security is more.
  • When you want to host a website which offer support downloads for your customers then dedicated servers are the best option.
  • Dedicated servers are very important when your website contains many custom applications and various micro-sites.
  • Users can install their own software and do own updates with dedicated servers.
  • Faster processing speed, email and more efficiency and more space are provided while using a dedicated server as resources are not shared over a dedicated server.

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