Email Marketing

Before I Start with E-mail marketing I should first introduce what does email marketing all about..? Email marketing is a profit making or a advertisement message to a group of people or to a individual who all are using E-mails, although it is basically used for sending adds, request business, or for donations, and many other things , therefore I also can say that any email communications between individual or group of people is meant for the trust or to increase brand awareness among all through E-mail marketing.
We have two types of E-mail marketing:-Transactional and Direct E-mail marketing.

In transactional E-mail marketing we have email which contains an additional promotional mail in the mail, basically started to reach the customer action into the mail.

Another type is Direct mail with this type of mail the company sends mail to some group of customers which contains the catalogues or some offers to those particular people. Basically it’s a communication to a group of people to promote their product.

Now the question arises why we should use E-mail marketing while we have other ways of marketing like Newspaper, TV, Radios, Posters etc., because it’s very easy to use as all we need to do is just type the text and forward it to respectively. Person or to a group of individuals.

E-mail marketing is cheap, whether you do it by your own or with the help of the agency it cost you so less as compared to other marketing ways. Environment Friendly as there we need not to use paper or ink so its very environmentally friendly. Email marketing is a good way to stay connected and reach to your clients while also promoting your business. Easy to track we have another benefit of this is that it’s very easy to keep a track of what we are doing and can easily reach where we are going wrong. Return on investment as we all know that in business all matters is what we are getting after investing, keeping this in mind email marketing is a very good way of ROI.

What all is email marketing there are some example which will help you to understand more than what you have understand by now whenever we subscribe some newsletter or some websites for news or something else thereafter we receives the thanks mail from the same website where we have registered ourselves, welcome messages helps in many ways to both the ends on company which is doing marketing and also to the client by giving necessary details about the company brand and other things.

Basically this E-mail marketing was started so as to gain the market importance and to make awareness about various things. Most types of marketing and advertisements in the market are sometimes difficult to measure and track whether they are fake or real, but with E-mail marketing each and everything can be tracked so easily by just looking to email address. By email marketing we business person would get easily feedback by just clicking on the link which is being provided in the email, they can reach to some results.

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