Logo Designing

Logo is an identification mark or emblem for an organisation or brand . it uniquely identifies that brand. Logo can be graphical, text or a combination of both graphic and text.

Logos allow business owners to distinguish themselves in a world clutters with thousands of brands. Logo reflects the company, brand, organisation, person and it should be chosen in a way that it can can display the main motto or idea of that organization.

In order to make a logo, it is very important to make an initial sketch i.e sketching the ideas and a balance between graphics, color ,size must be maintained on all sides. It must be as simple as possible so that people can easily get your company/ brand/ organisation idea.

Size of logo should be kept in mind. It depends on the type of application for which the logo is designed for. Color should be chosen in correct manner in such a way that it clearly reflects the mood and feeling of logo. Logo must be innovative and should be out of the box.

We always try something creative and new and it must include the main motto of the organization. It speaks about the brand i.e its goals and helps in promoting and establishing an identity of the brand. Hence research about ideas and innovative concept and creativity, demands of client, theme, color, main motto of the brand must be kept in mind .

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