Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction: Social media marketing is the route for increasing user’s traffic to a particular website. In the present era, almost every internet user is in touch with social networking sites for building a productive relationship on an individual level and to maintain that product relationship they need to share the content with these social networking sites. Social media marketing programs inspire the users to share the content on social networks.

Social Media Marketing – Strategies

There are basically four strategies:

  • Social networking sites
  • Blogs
  • Mobile phones
  • Media sites

1) Social Networking Sites

Through social networking sites an individual creates its relationship with the other user for example; consumers build their relationship with any product based company when that company joins the social network.

Facebook and Twitter are the most famous social networking sites in this era.

Twitter allows companies to promote their products at individual levels. Usages and information about the products are displayed in short messages on the viewer’s home pages and that messages are linked to their particular websites from which a user can get detailed information about the products either in the form of testimonials or media format.

Facebook is basically providing a platform where user can maintain a friendly relationship with any other individual. Facebook also provides a platform on which user can share their content with others through photos, videos, and texts.

 2) Blogs

Blogs are widely used by companies for advertising their product. LinkedIn is the most famous example for describing a blog. To maintain an online connection with the companies and clients; platform like LinkedIn are used. Users can also create their personal blogs and post their content in any type of media format.

 3) Mobile Phones

Use of Mobile phone has also become valuable for social media marketing. In today’s world, many cell phones have social networking competences: individuals got notifications of any updates on social networking sites through their cell phones. This represents a faster communication between the users, companies, and clients.

4) Media Sites

If we are talking about the different zones of target audience then we realize that the target audience for every zone is different so, a question arises how the social media market will develop between different kinds of audiences?  This is done through different media websites like YouTube on which product and customer relationship is represented in a video format with different type of Interactivities, which helps the customer to garb more information about the product.

Merits and Demerits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social media marketing share a hand in different fields as follows:

  • It provides faster communication between clients and companies.
  • It creates complete transparency between customers and the companies.
  • It provides methods of marketing which suits all types of target audiences.
  • It provides different types of platforms and strategies.


There are several impacts because of social media marketing:

  • Usage of printing documents, templates, and posters for advertising decreases.
  • Leaks of videos and product information on social networking sites before its premiere.
  • Leaks of confidential information about companies through social networking sites.
  • Usage of social networking sites in Crimea.

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