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What type of website do you have in your mind ?

There are different kinds of websites that you can have. The functionality of your website depends on the type of website you want. When most people contact us they already have a picture in their mind of what they want their website to look like, so to simplify things I am going to tell you what these different styles are in broad categories.

You can have a static website or a dynamic website. There are certain advantages of both and certain disadvantages as well. In no way is it our intention to change the picture of the website you have in your mind and create a website for your other than what you have in mind, but as professionals it is our responsibility to guide you so that not only does your website look great but perform great as well. In a lot of cases careless web designers simply design websites for their clients and charge them healthy amounts knowing full well that their clients choice of website is not going to get them what they want, we pride ourselves in being more professional and we believe in long term relations with our clients as well.

Our professional suggestion

When we refer to functionality, we need to keep in mind the fact that everyone that makes a website does so with the purpose of making their business more visible to potential customers on the internet and attracting more potential customers to your business. The sole purpose of an effective website is not to just appear beautiful but to serve the purpose as well.

Another feature that you want to keep in mind is the overall size of your website in kilo bytes or mega bytes also helps in the search-ability of your website according to search engine criteria, we always advise our clients to design their websites as light in terms of kilo byte size as possible. The lighter the color of the website background, for example white also makes your website lighter and as a result more searchable on the other hand a website with a black background makes it heavier. You will notice on an average the websites that come up first when you are looking for something on the internet using Google or yahoo search engines are websites with a light background usually white.

Other mistakes to avoid is, do not load a video onto your website(you can embed the html code from YouTube) , pictures can be loaded and there are certain software that we use to convert the density of pictures to make them light so that your website looks as good as you want but stays light. Put these factors together with some more and you have a website that is in a better position to be pulled up by Google or any of the other search engines.

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